External View of RIKI's Distributing, Inc. Riki's Distributing Inc. was founded in January of 1981 by Risaburo Takahashi.



Since its beginning Riki's Distributing has grown to be the largest supplier of oriental ice cream in Southern California, with our variety of flavors such as Plum Wine, Ogura (Red Bean), Shoga (Ginger), Milk Tea, Mango, Lychee, Natural Green Tea, Green Tea and our newest flavor, Oriental Twist (Green Tea-Ogura-Vanilla Combination), along with all the popular American flavors.  We are not limited to ice cream made in the USA, but we also carry ice cream imported from Japan and a few from other Asian countries.

Our flavors are extremely popular.  So much so that many companies have tried to copy our flavors but with no success and now buy from us.

We service most of the oriental restaurants in Southern California, so if you have ever had Green Tea ice cream after dinner you have probably eaten ours.  Many of the Oriental markets also carry our products under the brand name Fubuki.  Our ice cream is not limited to just Southern California, many other companies ship our products to other states, even to a few other countries.  With so many places our ice cream goes you know you are getting the best when you go with us.

Our service area covers from Oxnard to San Diego, and all the cities in between.

We at Riki's  Distributing pride ourselves on customer service and will go out of our way to meet your service need.

We hope you enjoy eating our ice cream as much as it is our pleasure serving you.

Thank You

From all of us at Riki's

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